Best 4 Garden Swings Set For Kids

The one thing that is great for the everyone in the family to enjoy outdoor activities all year round especially with kids of all ages is an outdoor swing set. Adults can take this opportunity to bond with their children and keep them occupied and happy while exercising with a dose of fresh air. It is a perfect outdoor place where adults and children can hang out and interact with one another. An outdoor swing set, when placed in the house backyard, can serve as a central meeting point for neighboring kids as well. It is a perfect playtime space where your children interact even when other kids are not involved.

Garden swing for baby
Garden swing for baby

There are many pointers to consider when buying an outdoor swing set for the price, durability and of course if kids like to play in it. A typical outdoor swing set can comes in various sizes, shapes, and complexity. There is a large scale commercial type outdoor swing set for playgrounds and religious groups or a home-scaled swing set which comprises of just a swing and slide. They are commonly made of wood, plastic or even metal. Best sports

Wooden Outdoor Swing Set:

They are little more pricey and bulkier than the smaller metal type. These wooden structures are strong and durable but most importantly, the surface is not too hot when touched during a summer days compared to outdoor swing set made from metal. The only disadvantage of wooden swing set is that splinters can pose a danger especially when it gets older. Another point to note is that wooden structures tend to attract carpenter bees and woodpeckers as they can damage your swing set. If your budget allows, then go for a wooden swing set as they tend to look more pleasing and overall a strong structure.

Metal Outdoor Swing Set:

They are a lot cheaper than wooden swing sets as the whole structure are made primarily from metal. Outdoor swing set made from metal can last many years and easily assembled. One main advantage of metal swing set is the affordability.

Metal Outdoor Swing Set
Metal Outdoor Swing Set

Plastic Outdoor Swing Set:

They are sometimes called outdoor play systems as they are easily transported and suited for the budget conscious. The assembly of such an outdoor swing set is very easy by snapping adjoining parts without any bolts and screws. The setup is perfect for children to dismantle them and reassemble to create another play system, the options are limitless, the only obstacle stopping your children from creating their very own swing set is their imagination!

Residential Swing Sets:

They mimic the larger commercial types in shapes but smaller scale in size. A typical price range from about a thousand to few thousand, sometimes, even more, depending on the complexity. If you are a little bit tight on your budget, perhaps you can consider getting a used outdoor swing set as they can go as much as one third its original price. The downside is that they may be too bulky to move and transportation costs may be high.

Garden Swings for kids:

When children go to a park, one of the first things they run to is the swings. And because they are popular, when you and your kid come late in the park your child end up playing in the monkey bars or sand box. It would be a great idea, therefore, to have a swing set of your own so your kids can have a great time with their friends. Now, when choosing a swing set, one that immediately comes to mind is a hedstrom swing set. A hedstrom swing set comes in different models and with its built quality you sure are certain that it will last.

If you’re looking, however, for a much smaller hedstrom swing set then there’s the First Swing Set. This one is really the best for the young ones. It has a 2-level adjustable deck, a swing with removable seat belt and a small slide. Not to mention the swing has an additional glider action and the deck can be a clubhouse equipped with a spinning wheel for early learning. The set is made from rust-resistant metal parts. The swing set measures about 127 cm deep, 125 cm wide and 140 cm high.

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